Ice-T cheekily claps back at critics of Coco breastfeeding their 5-year-old daughter

Efren Landaos/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Ice-T and Coco Austin are a united front when it comes to the topic of breastfeeding their five-year-old daughter, Chanel

After critics came after Coco for still breastfeeding the child, given Chanel’s age, Ice hit back at his wife’s haters in a tweet on Wednesday, writing,  “News Flash! We feed Chanel FOOD.”

“She just likes to suck mom’s boob every now and then,” the Law & Order: SVU star wrote, adding, “Me Too!!!”

Coco revealed in Us Weekly’s Parenting Do’s and Dont’s video on Monday that she still breastfeeds their preschooler. “Chanel still likes my boob. She’s 5 years old,” the 42-year-old actress said.

“A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, you’re not getting the nutrition after 2 years old. Why do it?’ “And I’m like, ‘My child’s eating steak and hamburgers,'” Coco continued. “She just likes a little snack every now and then and more of the bonding [with] the mother.”.

“Why take that away from her?” Coco asked. “If she doesn’t want it, all right, that’s where you stop it. But I’m not just going to say no.”

Coco and Ice have been married for 19 years. Chanel is their only child. 

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