Almost Monday returns to the road to find “real people actually listening”

Credit: Kelly Hammond

Almost Monday‘s return to the road is a major moment in the band’s history.

The buzzy trio — made up of vocalist Dawson Daugherty, guitarist Cole Clisby and bassist Luke Fabry — released their first two EPs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that they’re starting playing live shows again, including last weekend’s Lollapalooza, Almost Monday’s sets now include more than just one released song.

“It’s kind of our first time actually playing live with more than one song out,” Daugherty tells ABC Audio. “Before COVID, we were on tour with…AJR, and we had one song out online, so it’ll be cool experiencing shows where people hopefully know the music, more than just one [song].”

Almost Monday’s debut EP, Don’t Say You’re Ordinary, was released last October, and its follow-up, Til the End of Time, just dropped this past July. Given that both EPs were released when the only feedback they could receive happened online, Almost Monday’s been excited to bring the music to people in person.

“You put out music, and you see responses and DMs and things online,”¬†Daugherty says. “It’s not that you get used to it, but it’s such a different effect, even just going out playing this first show, you realize, ‘Oh yeah, this music’s actually impacting real people,’ and they show up to shows and know the songs.”

“It’s always cool seeing people online interact and DM and comment,” he adds. “But it’s kind of interesting stepping back out into the world and being, like, ‘Oh yeah, those people, those monthly listeners are real people actually listening.'”

Almost Monday’s next scheduled show is a set at Bonnaroo in September.

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