Rihanna is world’s wealthiest female musician with an estimated worth of $1.7 billion, reports ‘Forbes’

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Singer, actress and entrepreneur Rihanna has put in a lot of hard “work” — and now she’s a billionaire.

Forbes estimates the Grammy-winner’s worth is now $1.7 billion, making her the wealthiest female musician in the world and second to Oprah Winfrey as richest entertainer.

While Rihanna is known for her number-one hits like “Work,” “Umbrella” and “We Found Love,” and starring in big budget films like Ocean’s 8, she is also a fashion icon. In 2017, she teamed up with French company, LVMH — the fashion house behind Louis Vuitton and Dior — to launch her now wildly popular Fenty Beauty cosmetics line.

The following year, Rihanna spearheaded Savage by Fenty, a lingerie line promoting body positivity and inclusivity.

“The majority of her $1.7 billion estimated net worth is not from singing but from cosmetics,” Forbes editor Kerry Dolan told ABC’s Good Morning America. “From a super-successful cosmetics line which, when it was launched, drew lots of praise because there were something, like, more than 40 shades for all range of skin tones, which was something that at the time, not very many cosmetics lines had been that inclusive.”

While Fenty’s luxury clothing line was shut down earlier this year, the brand catapulted the singer-turned-mogul into billionaire status.

Rihanna joins Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner on the coveted Forbes list as one of Hollywood’s most successful female self-made entrepreneurs.

“Women are making more headway, slowly but surely as super-successful entrepreneurs,” said Dolan. “So we will see more famous artists, entertainers, performers go into a successful entrepreneurial vein. It’s been proved as a proven formula for some people so others would like to try it.”

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