Justine Skye releases a music video for her ‘Space and Time’ track “In My Bag”

Leon Bennett/FilmMagic

Justine Skye has unveiled the music video for her new single, “In My Bag.”

The R&B singer and her two gorgeous friends have a fun-filled day cruising around town and having brunch in the Loris Russier-directed visual. The video ends with the ladies screaming into the camera after smashing a room full of televisions and other electronics, making their likes on social media drop from the thousands to zero. 

“And I ain’t gon’ let up /Know these [chicks] mad at me soon as they get up,” Skye songs. “Know your man lookin’ at my page when he get up /Know the cash, hit the bank when the phone lit up.”

“In My Bag” follows visuals for Justine Skye’s other singles, “Twisted Fantasy” and “Intruded.” All three songs are featured on her latest project, Space and Time, produced entirely by legendary hitmaker Timbaland

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