Tito Jackson explains the hold up on a hologram Michael Jackson for a Jackson 5 reunion tour

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Ahead of the release of his second blues-inspired solo album, Under Your SpellTito Jackson is setting the record straight about the status of The Jacksons. Contrary to the rumors, Tito says he and his brothers JackieJermaine and Marlon are still together and touring, but just not necessarily in the U.S.

“We have always been together and we work tremendously,” he tells ABC Audio. “I would say 90 percent of our work comes in other countries. So we’re always in Europe or Brazil or Asia or somewhere in Russia doing shows.”

In fact, Jackson says The Jackson 5, which included himself, Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon and Michael, would still be touring together today — if Michael was still alive.

“Sad thing for us all is that when Michael was going to do the O2 [arena shows], we had planned to do another tour of the complete members,” Jackson says. “And that never came to fruition… But, we will always sing together as long as we can, as long as the brothers are healthy enough to do so.”

While MJ’s planned 2009 concert residency at London’s O2 Arena, and a subsequent Jackson family tour never took place because of Michael’s untimely death, Tito says other options to reunite The Jackson 5 are being discussed.

Tito says the idea of incorporating an MJ hologram into a Jackson 5 reunion tour has “been discussed a few times, [but]…to have it done [takes] a tremendous knowledge, work in technology, what have you.”

Jackson adds, “And it’s not a cheap process. It’s getting cheaper and cheaper as time goes along. But to have a hologram Jacksons show live…would be the next thing.” 

Under Your Spell arrives this Friday, August 6, on the usual platforms.

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