That time Glass Animals’ Dave Bayley accidentally ate St. Vincent’s dinner on tour

Credit: Jennifer McCord

As touring begins to open up again, bands are remembering what they missed about being back on the road. For Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley, though, there’s one tour memory he’d prefer to forget.

Speaking with ABC Audio, Bayley recalls when he accidentally ate Annie Clark‘s dinner while Glass Animals was opening for St. Vincent in 2014.

“Oh my god, I remember that!” exclaims drummer Joe Seaward. “You were in so much trouble!”

“I was really hungry!” Bayley laughs. “It was really delicious, I remember you telling me how much you’d enjoyed it,” Seaward adds.

As Bayley explains, the whole thing was just a simple mistake. He’d seen the food sitting out with no one around to claim it, and figured it had been marked for the trash.

“I assumed someone had left it, or…I don’t know what I thought! ” Bayley says.

“You were hungry, Dave, you weren’t thinking,” Seaward consoles, to which Bayley admits, “When I’m hungry I can’t think.”

“Then I was there stuffing it into my face,” Bayley recalls. “And St. Vincent’s tour manager came around the corner and just looked…I’ve never seen anyone go more pasty so quickly in my life. He looked absolutely destroyed.”

If Bayley’s is looking to make it up to Clark, both Glass Animals and St. Vincent are playing the Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas next month.

Meanwhile, Glass Animals will launch a headlining tour in support of their new album Dreamland August 30 in Lewiston, New York.

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