Love your child or new husband? Be like Joe Jonas and Gwen Stefani & say it with accessories

Joe: Raymond Hall/GC Images; Blake & Gwen: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

What’s the best way to tell everyone how you feel about a loved one? Joe Jonas and Gwen Stefani have both been spotted wearing their hearts — not on their sleeves, but around their necks and on their feet.

Joe was photographed out in New York City recently with brothers Nick and Kevin, where the middle Jonas Brother was seen wearing a silver locket around his neck.  The New York Post reports that the locket, which features a small diamond on the outside, is engraved “Willa,” which is the name of his and wife Sophie Turner‘s daughter.  Willa recently celebrated her first birthday.

Not to be outdone, Gwen Stefani was photographed walking around Los Angeles wearing a pair of custom Vans shoes decorated with the face of Blake Shelton, her new husband.  But then again, Gwen’s made an art out of wearing accessories paying tribute to her man. 

As the New York Post notes, in April, she wore a “Shelton” necklace, and in 2020, she wore a dress covered with white shells to the Grammys, as a tribute to the “shell” in “Shelton.” When she and Blake wed on July 3, her veil was embroidered with Blake’s name, and the names of her three sons.

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