Bazzi sends out good vibes to the whole world in new video for “I Like That”

David Black

Bazzi gets the world dancing along to his music in the new video for his single, “I Like That.

Bazzi is shown performing the song on top of a roof beneath a radio towe with flowers blooming everywhere as he sings.  We see multi-colored waves — representing the song’s feel-good vibes — spreading out all over the city and, eventually, the world.  Bazzi then jumps in a multi-colored bus with a bunch of hippie girls and guys and drives out to a radio tower cluster in the desert, where he and hundreds of people all start grooving to the song

The clip features some of Bazzi’s friends, including influencers Charlotte D’Alessio, Luca Sabbat, Scarlett Rose Leithold, Chandler Lovelle and more.

“’I Like That’ is the start of a new era for me. I’m exploring new things sonically and just having more fun making music,” Bazzi explains. “This song signifies a feeling of gratitude coming back into a new world and atmosphere.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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