Twitter fans praise Kehlani for directing Kiana Lede’s “Ur Best Friend” video, starring Vic Mensa

Atlantic Records/Republic Records

Ever wanted someone who was already in a relationship with your best friend? Well, Kiana Ledé and Kehlani share this particular experience in the video for “Ur Best Friend.”

Kehlani directed the video through her company, Honey Shot Productions, under her alias “Hyphy Williams.” The visual opens with Kehlani giving a birthday toast to her best friend, rapper Vic Mensa, who plays Ledé’s boyfriend. The happy couple then makes their way to the dance floor while Kehlani seductively watches from across the room.

The sexual tension continues to build throughout the party, as Ledé joins Kehlani outside on a bench while whispering in her ear and touching her knee. The “Ur Best Friend” video ends with Kehlani and Lede engaging in an intense make-out session as a drunk Mensa wakes up confused.

Fans on Twitter complimented Kehlani’s directing skills, while many commented on the sexual tension between her and Ledé in the video.

“I’m so proud of Kehlani on her journey as a director. Like my girl really did that!” one fan tweeted, while another wrote, “THE NECK GRABBING…THE KISSING…THE CHEMISTRY OMG KEHLANI AND KIANA STANS WE WON.”

Others praised Kehlani and other artists who have tapped into their creative “passions” outside of music.  

“I love seeing music artists dive into other passions they have; Kehlani as a music video director, Teyana Tayloras a creative director. These women are ARTISTS ALL AROUND,” one fan tweeted.

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