Lorde handles her hot sauce like a champ on latest episode of ‘Hot Ones’

Courtesy of First We Feast/Complex Networks

We already knew Lorde was an onion rings connoisseur, but now we know she also knows her way around some hot wings.

The singer appears on the latest episode of Hot Ones and conquers the increasingly spicy hot sauce lineup like a champ while answering questions from host Sean Evans. She talks about her upcoming album, Solar Power, her criteria for what makes a good onion ring, the coolest experience she’s ever had whale-watching in Antarctica, and more — all while barely breaking a sweat.

“I basically thought of the album as a sun worship album,” Lorde says of Solar Power in between bites of wing. “I’m not religious in any way, but my experiences in nature the last couple of years were as close to what I had experienced as religion, so it was like a sort of devotional record for me.”

She also discusses being unknowingly on-trend by including cicada sounds on the album.

“This year has Brood X, which is this big kind of boom of cicadas once you reached 17 years,” Lorde says. “The last time it happened was in 2004 when I guess JLo and Ben Affleck were together and now they’re back together, so people are like, Brood X is in the air, so I guess I am right on trend with my cicada moment.”

Solar Power drops August 20.

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