Jay Pharoah and Sinqua Walls joke about their hostility toward Nick Cannon for his role in ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’

Courtesy of Netflix

In Netflix’s new romantic comedy Resort to Love, Jay Pharoah and Sinqua Walls play brothers who don’t seem to have that much in common besides their mutual interest in aspiring singer Erica, played by Christina Milian. The two actors, who admit they’ve been fanboys of Milian since her self-titled debut album in 2001, say they jumped at the opportunity to work with the talented star.

“Hesitant?! No, it was no hesitation,” Pharoah tells ABC Audio of working with Milian.

“It was ‘AM to PM,'” he quips, referencing Milian’s lead single from Christina Milian. “I said, ‘Yes, let’s do it.’ I ain’t even gonna lie, growing up I had a crush on Christina. So, I always wanted to show the chops there.”

Pharaoh recalls that he was also a bit jealous of Nick Cannon when Nick got to play Milian’s love interest in the 2003 teen comedy Love Don’t Cost a Thing.

“I was always looking at Nick Cannon like, ‘Meheh. One day, Nick. One day too I shall be in that position,'” he jokes, remembering Cannon in the film.

The same can be said of Walls, who says he also accepted the gig with “no hesitation.” 

“I was like, ‘Well, this is not a bad way to spend my summer,'” he laughs, before adding that he “too wanted to hit Nick Cannon in the kneecaps a couple of times.”

After some peels of laughter, Pharoah straightens up. “Salute to Nick Cannon,” he says. “It’s all love.”

“Shout to Nick,” Walls interjects. “I hope your kneecaps are all intact.”

Making note of Cannon’s recent family additions, Pharoah then adds, “I was about to say, if [his kneecaps aren’t] hurting by now — goddangit! All that running around at different houses he got to do.”

Resort to Love is available on Netflix.

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