Shawn Mendes keeps it real while responding to Camila Cabello’s fart video

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On Wednesday, Camila Cabello used boyfriend Shawn Mendes to create a hilarious TikTok video depicting the honeymoon phase of a relationship, “when you can’t fart or Poo or be a human.” 

In the clip, Camila waves goodbye to Shawn, and as soon as he leaves the room, she lets one loose.  Now Shawn has commented on Camila’s real-life gas-passing habits.

When Camila posted the video to her Instagram, Shawn wrote in the comments, “But u do fart tho.”  Fans, of course, found this hilarious, but some took him to task for “exposing” Camila. “You threw her under the bus,” admonished one fan, while another added, “Poor Camila,” and a third wrote, “shut up Shawn girls don’t fart.”

Of course, Shawn may have just been paying Camila back for a TikTok she made earlier this month in which she trolled him for a super-awkward video he made.  In his original TikTok, Shawn couldn’t quite get the hang of editing, and ended up with abrupt jump cuts and scenes where he’s just staring at the camera.  Camila filmed herself lip-syncing to Shawn’s clip, and mimicking his stares and weird edits.

She captioned the clip, “My fave Tik Tok.”


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