Luke Wilson doesn’t understand plot of brother Owen Wilson’s series ‘Loki’

ABC/Marvel Studios

Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson may be brothers, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily understand everything the other does. Case in point — Luke doesn’t quite understand Marvel’s Loki, the popular Disney+ series in which his brother stars. 

Luke, who plays Justice Society of America sidekick Pat Dugan on DC’s Stargirl, shared at the show’s virtual press conference on Wednesday, that he just doesn’t understand the plot of the Marvel action series, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“I had it explained to me a number of times. Never got the plot of it,” he said of the show, which sees Owen in the role of Mobius, who works at the so-called Time Variance Authority to ensure the events of time don’t get out of hand.

Despite not understanding Loki, Luke did say that his brother “really enjoyed” working on it. 

“Like me, he had not worked on a superhero project and had not worked on a show before, but I know he had a great time and really enjoyed working with Tom Hiddleston. It seems like that show turned out great too,” the actor added. 

Loki has been renewed for a second season.  Marvel is owned by Disney, parent company of ABC News.

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