Will Adele go from “Rolling in the Deep” to rolling the dice in Las Vegas?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Now that Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood are doing residencies at Las Vegas’ new Resorts World property, and Celine Dion is staging her comeback residency there, could Adele be far behind?

British tabloid The Sun says Adele is considering doing a residency at the same theater in Resorts World where Celine, Katy, Carrie and Luke Bryan will all be performing in the coming months.  Said residency, a Vegas source told The Sun, would earn the U.K. singer nearly $140,000 a night.

Adele, who hasn’t performed live since 2017, has said in the past that she prefers to perform for smaller crowds, and that instead of traveling around the world, she’d like to stay in one place because of her eight-year-old son Angelo.

The superstar is said to be ready to release new music and, according to The Sun, the rumor is that she plans to launch her comeback with a Vogue feature. The tabloid points to the fact that both Adele and Vogue‘s editor, Edward Enniful, were both in New York City last week.

Of course, nobody in Adele’s camp has confirmed any of these rumors, so stay tuned.

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