Reba McEntire gets in on the “I’m a Survivor” TikTok trend, with help from a pair of ungrateful donkeys

Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA

Reba McEntire’s 2001 hit, “I’m a Survivor,” shares a message of resilience, with lyrics describing “a single mom who works too hard / Who loves her kids and never stops / With gentle hands and the heart of a fighter / I’m a survivor.”

Those lyrics have become the soundtrack to a hilarious TikTok challenge over the past few days, with app users setting the song over video clips of all the everyday inconveniences and mundane tasks that make them “a survivor.” 

Whether that means throwing out expired milk, enjoying a drive-thru fast food meal even though it only came with a single ketchup packet, or waiting an extra few minutes for dinner at the end of a long work day, no struggle is too small to get the “I’m a Survivor” treatment. And Reba herself got in on the fun.

On her TikTok, the singer shared a short video of herself struggling through the heat to feed her two donkeys, only to find that they don’t appreciate her efforts. At the end, she turns to the camera to sing the title phrase, “I’m a survivor,” along with her song.

“When it’s time to feed your donkeys and they’re not the least bit impressed,” Reba captioned her post, which has amassed more than 12 million views in the days since she posted it. 

“I’m a Survivor” was a top-five country hit for Reba upon its release, and it also became the theme song for Reba, the singer’s own sitcom, which aired on The WB in the mid-2000s.

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