Tyrese Gibson’s in no rush to drop new music: “Other than Jesus…my main source of income is movies”

Courtesy of Universal Studios

It’s been a while since actor-singer Tyrese Gibson has been in the studio to make new music. Gibson, who reprises his role as Roman Pearce in the latest Fast & Furious installment, F9, says there’s a reason for that.

“My love for music doesn’t allow for me to do it as often as a lot of my supporters and fans want me to,” Gibson tells ABC Audio. “And, it’s like the Holy Grail, you know. I don’t touch it. I don’t play with it. I don’t sing unless I’m really coming from a real place.”

Gibson, whose last solo studio album was 2015’s Black Rose, says he knows that having the ability to pick and choose when he’ll make new music is a “luxury” that a “lot of people can’t afford.”

“So if you ain’t paying the bills, you got to pump an album out every year,” he continues. “You got to keep the relevancy, got to stay on the charts. You got to drop singles and videos and keep chasing that thing.”

Now as a successful film franchise and blockbuster star, Gibson says he doesn’t have to worry about those things anymore.

“Other than Jesus himself, my main source of income is movies,” he says. “And, it allows me to really get in the studio and do music when I’m able to sing from a real place. So whether it’s good, bad, challenging, or ugly — I sing from a real place.” 

Gibson’s latest film project, F9, is currently in theaters nationwide.

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