Lizzo threatens to “be mean” to fans who don’t socially distance from her amid new COVID surge

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Lizzo shared an important public service announcement on Monday, telling fans that she will no longer tolerate strangers — regardless of their vaccination status — standing fewer than six feet away from her.

The “Truth Hurts” singer, taking to Instagram to share the candid announcement, said she doesn’t want to take any chances with her health and cited the recent surge in new COVID-19 cases.  Lizzo also admitted that she’s worried about the Delta variant, which currently makes up the majority of cases in the country.

“I don’t care who you are. You could be the nicest person. You could be vaccinated. You could be quadruple vaccinated. If you see me, please give me six feet,” Lizzo explained in the candid video.  “[The virus] is coming back.”

Noting that people have become “sloppy” with social distancing measures, the Grammy winner stressed, “If ya’ll see me in the street, come up on me, want to hug, want to shake my hand, want to kiss me on the cheek, don’t do it… I ain’t trying to catch this motherf****** virus.”

To further illustrate her message, Lizzo warned she would spray people with Lysol should they come too close to her because she wants to stay “COVID-free” and “healthy.”  Her main priority, she said, was to be a safe person for her family, friends and her team “to be around.”

“I’m about to be rude [even though] I’m nice,” she said plainly. “This virus gonna have me acting up.  I’m about to be mean.”

Lizzo then asked her 10 million followers to adopt a similar mentality, telling them to “protect yourselves… and double mask up” because “this is scary!”

COVID-19 has infected more than 34.5 million Americans and killed over 611,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.


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