Chloe Bailey credits her mother with encouraging her to wear natural hairstyles

Freeform/Art Streiber

This year, sibling duo Chloe x Halle created individual Instagram accounts to express their creative interests in music, fashion and natural hair. In her latest interview with Teen Vogue, Chloe Bailey credits their mother, Courtney Bailey, for encouraging her to wear her hair in dreadlocks confidently.

“I definitely have to give props to my mom, because ever since I was about three years old, I’ve had locs,” Chloe says. “I’ve grown up in Atlanta, Georgia, and I thought nothing was really different with my hair from the other kids.”

The 23-year-old entertainer tells Teen Vogue that she began to realize “early on in the industry, having locs wasn’t really normal. But I feel like when you are confident with yourself, and you own it, then everyone else has to catch up to that”

She adds, “I’m so grateful to be given a platform as a young Black woman with locs.”

Chloe has kept fans on Instagram enthused with photos of her stunning hairstyles, thirst traps of herself in bikiniscovers of hip-hop and R&B songs, and videos of herself making music on a beat board. Up next, the grown-ish cast member is set to star in Jane, the debut feature film from Creator+, a streaming platform geared toward Gen Z and digital creators.

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