Camila Cabello talks new album, reveals boyfriend Shawn Mendes is now taking Spanish lessons

Epic Records/SYCO

Recently, Shawn Mendes revealed that his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, coached him through the Spanish parts of his contribution to a remix of the song “KESI,” by Latin star Camilo.  But now Camila says Shawn is really getting into the whole Spanish thing.

“That studio session, I was riding him so hard,” Camila tells Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “He was like, ‘That’s good’…[and] I’m like, ‘Do what you want, but it isn’t right, I’m just saying.’ But he, apart from that song, really has also fallen in love with Latin culture.”

“He is taking Spanish lessons to [really] learn to speak Spanish,” she adds. “So he already had some ground covered before that.”

When Zane comments that Shawn is “really good-looking” — duh — Camila responds, “I know. It’s great when he does things that are weird and dorky because I feel it makes him…just, his handsomeness makes me not as nervous.”

Speaking to Zane about her new song “Don’t Go Yet” and her new album, Familia, Camila says the forced break due to the pandemic taught her “how to be I think a human and develop interests and passions outside of the studio and outside of music and outside of that. And I think that brought me really close to my family.”

“Before that break…I hit such a low point and I was struggling so much and kind of feeling so isolated,” she adds. “It ended up really solidifying, I feel, this idea of true happiness and it really coming from my connection to my life and to the people around me.”


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