Alessia Cara is a bona-fide “Shapeshifter” in cinematic new video

Def Jam

One of Alessia Cara‘s two new songs is called “Shapeshifter,” and in the new video for the track, she takes the song’s title to heart, portraying five different characters.

Alessia portrays a wealthy woman whose husband is cheating on her, as well as the husband, the private detective she hires to find out the truth, and the two women suspected of being the husband’s mistress: the housekeeper and the gardener.

While we don’t find out the characters’ names in the clip, Alessia has named them all, and has been introducing them on her social media for the last week.  For example, the husband and wife are named Theodore and Inga Pomodoro, while the private investigator’s name is Melba D’Angelo.

In a twist ending, Melba finds Theodoro making out with someone she thinks is the gardener. But when that person turns around, it’s actually, er…a sheep. A surprised Melba stumbles backward and falls into the pool — and surprise! We cut to Alessia herself emerging from the ocean in a red dress, in a scene from her previous video, “Sweet Dream.”

In other words…it was all a dream.  And the hint was the sheep: Alessia’s co-star in the “Sweet Dream” video is a real sheep named Lola.

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