Watch Lance Bass get denied by Justin Timberlake while pulling #TooBusy prank on *NSYNC bandmates

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

The guys in *NSYNC are all still friendly with each other, which is why Lance Bass felt comfortable calling all his former band mates and pranking them on TikTok.

Lance pulled the popular “#TooBusy” prank on Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick: He FaceTimed them both, and then when they answered, he claimed that he was way too busy to talk and hung up on his confused pals.

Lance then called JC Chasez and did the same thing, but it turned out that he and JC were sitting right next to each other at the time, so it wasn’t much of a prank.

But when Lance called Justin Timberlake, JT didn’t even take his call, leaving a mock-outraged Lance to exclaim, “What the f…?”

He hashtagged the post #BoybandWars, #NSYNC, #TooBusy and #DidYouJustDenyMe??


They just won’t leave me alone! Don’t they know how busy I am?? Jeez. #BoybandWars #NSYNC #FYP #TooBusy #DidYouJustDenyMe??

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