Kiely Williams explains why KFC was thrown at Naturi Naughton

Courtesy of BET

 Wednesday night on BET Presents the Encore, Kiely Williams of 3LW finally came clean about allegedly throwing a plate of chicken at ex-group member Naturi Naughton.

Cast members on the show were overwhelmed with laughter after Williams explained what happened with a bucket of KFC.

“My entire life has turned into…” the singer began before Fallon King of Cherish jokingly finished, “…a friend chicken meme.”

During her confessional, Williams said, “I didn’t throw chicken at anybody. The chicken was in my hand, but if you call my mother a b****, I’m throwing whatever.”

“Everybody laughed at first, and that sucks because that’s kind of what I wanted to let go of,” she continued. “That joke and the fact that when I brought out the chicken, everybody laughed was kind of reaffirming everything that I had been scared about. All of that kills me because it was so much more than that. Unfortunately, we were at a fast-food restaurant. I can’t change that.”

King, LeMisha Grinstead of 702 and Shamari DeVoe of Blaque continued laughing and making jokes about whether Williams threw KFC “original or crispy” chicken at Naughton. Regardless, Williams says there are no limits to her retaliation when it comes to someone talking about her mother.

“Throwing hands and whatever is in [me] over my mother. She is a saint,” Williams tweeted after the show. “If my phone was in my hand and not my dinner, she would’ve gotten that. And none of you would’ve done any different. #betpresentstheencore.”  

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