Romantics guitarist Mike Skill releases solo version of band’s classic tune “What I Like About You”

Courtesy of Mike Skill

Founding Romantics guitarist Mike Skill has released a new version of his band’s classic 1979 tune “What I Like About You” in advance of his debut self-titled solo EP, which is due out on September 10.

The updated rendition of “What I Like About You” is available now on all streaming services, including Spotify, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. The track features Skill on lead and backing vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and bass, as well as current Romantics member Brad Elvis on drums and Patrick Harwood on harmonica.

Skill co-wrote “What I Like About You” with Romantics frontman Wally Palmar and the band’s founding drummer, Jimmy Marinos, who sang the original version of the tune.

Recalling how the song was born one day before a Romantics rehearsal, Skill says, “I offered that I had this new idea…I opened with the simple chords, and [Marinos] jumped in with his signature animal groove…and [he] instantly dropped in singing, scatting, jamming in free form, sketching a lyric, throwing words against the wall to see what would stick, as I scatted with backups…’Uh huh, Hey! Uh huh!'”

The song appeared on The Romantics’ 1980 self-titled debut album, and peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #49, although the tune’s popularity continued to grow in the ensuing years.

Skill’s forthcoming EP also will be released on vinyl later in 2021.

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