Gwen Stefani weighs in on what makes Blake Shelton so successful: “He’s very real and consistent and genuine”

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

After getting married earlier this month, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are as smitten as ever. Fans recently got a first-hand account of the wedded bliss from Gwen, who said in an interview with the Tell Me About It podcast that the couple was enjoying “total honeymoon vibes right now.”

“It was literally one of the greatest moments of my life, obviously,” the pop superstar explained. “It was beyond what I thought it was gonna be.”

Over the course of their relationship, many have jokingly wondered what the pair see in each other: Between Gwen’s high-fashion sophistication and Blake’s dressed-down, rural sensibilities, they don’t seem to have a whole lot in common off the bat. Their odd couple status was even the subject of a hilarious T Mobile Super Bowl ad earlier this year.

But in all seriousness, Gwen explains, it’s Blake’s authenticity that made her fall in love. She also thinks that’s why he’s such a big success, both in music and as a coach on The Voice.

“The successful people are the genuine people, because that man is the same guy you see, no matter who he’s with, what he’s doing,” Gwen reflects. “I look at him sleeping, and he’s the same guy.”

She adds, “He’s very real and consistent and genuine. It’s what is so attractive and why people love him so much.”

Blake and Gwen tied the knot on July 3 in a ceremony on Blake’s Oklahoma ranch.

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