Sure there’s pressure, but Matt Stell hopes to move “Everywhere but On” from #1

Matthew Berinato

Matt Stell‘s in an enviable position: So far, every song he’s ever released as a single has gone to #1. 

Now that the six-foot-seven former college basketball player has a new hit climbing the chart, is he feeling the pressure to keep up his streak?

“It’s crazy. It’s a little bit of a roller coaster with the singles,” he explains. “Because with ‘Prayed for You,’ I had no expectations whatsoever… I just went into it and was just enjoying the ride.”

‘Everywhere but On,’” he continues, “I felt like I was playing with house money a little bit…”

“Now, as that song got towards the top ten and closing in on that #1,” Matt admits, “there was some expectations and some nervous moments in there hoping that we could ring the bell.”

Matt’s third career single, “That Ain’t Me No More,” does deviate from his playbook significantly.

“What’s different about it, is it’s the first outside cut that I’ve ever cut,” he points out. “I moved to town to be a songwriter, but part of that is because I love songs, right?… And whatever the best song is, has kind of been my motto.”

“So this song came out of nowhere and kinda changed our plans a little bit,” Matt reveals. “And I thought that really spoke to the power of this tune. And it’s one that I’m really glad I get to be the person to cut it and kinda put my stamp on it.”

“And as far as pressure,” he says, “if it’s anything like the last one, you know, once it kind of gets up wherever it’s gonna get to, that’s kinda when the nail biting starts.”

This summer, Matt heads out with both Old Dominion and Miranda Lambert.

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