Property Brothers Drew & Jonathan Scott share home improvement advice for beginners

Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV

With DIY home improvement projects taking off amid the pandemic, the Property Brothers have some valuable tips for beginners.

Speaking with ABC Audio, Drew and Jonathan Scott listed some projects that someone starting off can tackle without professional help.

“The easiest thing in the world is paint,” Jonathan said, stressing the importance of investing in “a good, quality paint.”

“It’s all about the prep,” the HGTV star continued, “as long as you prep the walls properly, clean them, sand down anything that’s not great, use a great primer, tape off all the areas you’re not going to be. You can tackle a room and make a huge difference just with that.  And then, maybe, you tackle trim.”

Jonathan quickly added “swapping a light fixture” is another easy way to transform a room into “something fresh and something new.”

Though Scott noted the current “booming” prices of construction materials might slow DIY enthusiasm, he assured the trend will not be permanent and that he’s noticed “a lot of those materials [are starting] to come back down.”

For those who really don’t want to tackle a project by themselves, Drew recalled a “strategy” his twin brother successfully used when they were younger.

“A painting party is great to have friends come over to help you,” he laughed, “Jonathan told us, ‘Come over, I’ll have pizza and drinks and we’ll have a great time’… So we painted this whole space and, at the end, he brings out a personal pan pizza — a tiny little pizza — and a jug of water!” 

If you want more home renovation tips from the Property Brothers, they’re offering a Bright session on August 6 about transforming the bedroom.  Tickets are $25 and available now.

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