Black Veil Brides to release ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’ comic book series to go along with new album

Joshua Shultz

Black Veil Brides’ new album The Phantom Tomorrow is coming out in October, and now the band has announced that they’re giving you something to read while you listen to it.

The group has teamed with Incendium to create a six-issue comic book series, also called The Phantom Tomorrow, which front man Andy Biersack says will “build on the world that we have developed for “Blackbird,” “9,” “Scarlet,” and the entire Phantom Tomorrow universe that BVB fans have come to know over the past year via our music videos and other visual mediums.”

The Phantom Tomorrow story is based on a concept by Biersack, and is written by Michael Moreci, who’s contributed to Stranger Things and Batman: Detective Comics.  It follows a brilliant scientist named Dennis Kane, whose huge ego “causes the world to fall apart around him,” according to the description on Incedium‘s website.

Then, Kane is “resurrected as “Blackbird — a mysterious figure caught between life and death,” who is desperately seeking redemption, and is “willing to fight through hell and back to get it.”

The first print edition of each issue will come as a limited-edition, individually numbered collectible book with cardstock covers, foil treatments and glossy pages.

Biersack writes on Instagram, “Growing up, I was heavily influenced by the works of Alan Moore, Todd McFarlane, and many other iconic writers and artists in the comics field and to have the chance to create and develop an original character that both pulls from those influences as well as creates new and compelling story arcs is a dream come true.”

In addition to the comic books, both t-shirts and action figures are also being released as part of The Phantom Tomorrow series.  You can pre-order the series now.

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