‘Jackass’ star Sean McInerney emotionally recalls shark attack


Jackass star Sean “Poopies” McInerney was attacked by a shark while filming a special for Discovery’s “Shark Week,” and now he’s nursing both physical and emotional scars.

McInerney was attempting a wakeboard jump over shark-infested waters and came dangerously close to death, something he emotionally recalled in a graphic video posted to his YouTube channel.

“There was like 10 sharks around me and…I was trying to swim out and I couldn’t,” the daredevil tearfully recalled. “I knew I got bit and I was gonna get attacked by about six more sharks, and luckily I didn’t. I just got my hand bitten.”

“Scariest thing in my life,” he adds, noting that he truly thought he was going to die.

Luckily, a nearby safety medic risked his own life and jumped on McInerney, pulling the surfer and TV star to safety. 

The media personality says he’s thankful he only suffered one bite, but admitted it was a “gnarly” hand injury.

According to Jackass‘ Steve-O, McInerney was immediately taken into surgery so medics could “reattach two completely severed arteries and all of his severed tendons.”

Steve-O also assessed McInerney’s injury in comparison to all the injuries collectively suffered by the entire Jackass crew over the years, and declared that his was “the gnarliest.”  

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