Tom DeLonge is working on scripts for five more movies: “Those ones are much more ambitious”

Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images

Tom DeLonge will make his directorial debut with the upcoming film Monsters of California, and he doesn’t plan on stopping there.

Speaking with NME, the Angels & Airwaves frontman reveals he has “scripts for another five films in the works.”

“Those ones are much more ambitious,” DeLonge says. “Going forward, my goal is to make big, fun, crazy and thoughtful movies.”

Monsters of California is currently in post-production. DeLonge describes the film as “if [Steven] Spielberg went back and made an R-rated indie paranormal film.”

“It’s a John Hughes coming of age film with d*** jokes,” he adds.

Elsewhere in the interview, DeLonge speaks about the upcoming new AVA album, Lifeforms, due out September 24, and the possibility about touring again with Box Car Racer, his side project with former Blink-182 band mate Travis Barker.

“We have talked about…what it would be like to play shows, but everyone’s so busy!” DeLonge says. “It’s just how do you do that? Travis has a million things going on, I have a million things going on.”

“It’s just not the priority,” he adds. “It’s an awesome, nostalgic thing but nostalgic things don’t run your life, you have to fit them in.”

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