NBA legend Scottie Pippen has incredible opportunity for Olympics fans to watch the games from his home


NBA legend and two-time Olympic gold medalist Scottie Pippen, along with Airbnb, is handing over the keys to his Chicago home to let some lucky fans watch the 2021 Olympics in style.

“I’m allowing 3 guests to come into my house for one individual night to really experience watching the Games,” the Chicago Bulls legend said, who was also a member of the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team, a.k.a The Dream Team.  He noted fans can even watch the Olympics “from my pool [because] I got a beautiful 80-inch TV outside!”

There are other perks to be had as well.  “I think they’re going to love the fact that, when they get to my house, I’m going to be the one… giving them a nice welcome into my home,” said Pippen, adding he will virtually greet his guests, and promised that he’ll hook everyone up with “some nice memorabilia… that they will never, ever forget.”

Pippen noted “the doors are just going to be open” to the renters, where they will be able to freely “enjoy my little home gym. They can enjoy my movie theater, the basketball court. They can enjoy my air hockey game, the swimming pool.”

Guests will also “get to sleep in my bed at the end of the night,” Pippen teased, adding there are even more surprises in store.  

Booking opens July 22 at 1 p.m. ET on Airbnb.  Three reservations are available for an overnight stay on either August 2, August 4 or August 6 for $92, a nod to The Dream Team’s historic Olympic run.  Those selected to spend a night in Scottie’s home will be able to invite up to three friends.

The 2021 Summer Olympics’ opening ceremony starts Friday, July 23.

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