Jessie J struggling with mysterious throat ailment that makes it painful to sing

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for evian

Jessie J is giving an update on her mysterious throat issue that has made it painful for her to sing or even talk for extended periods of time.

The singer, who first opened up about her throat pain last month on Instagram, tells Billboard that her doctors still don’t know what’s causing it.

“It just hasn’t got any better — it’s gotten worse and worse,” she says.

She tells Billboard the problems began last year when she was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, an inner ear disorder, and was put on steroids to treat it. She then started to experience a burning in her throat that she initially thought was acid reflux, but it wouldn’t go away.

“[I’ve] done everything you can imagine, from eating [the same] three things for two months, to acupuncture, massage, medication,” she says. “I’ve had procedures done. I’ve had everything done.”

Thankfully, though the area around her vocal cords is inflamed, she’s been told that there’s no danger of them being significantly damaged.

Still, Jessie says it’s a frustrating experience, especially with a new album coming out soon.

“I just want to do what I love — and obviously, before this whole shebang, we had a year where we couldn’t [due to the pandemic],” she says. “So I’m just trying to stay in good spirits, stay working out, make a diary of everything I’m eating. But I really don’t know when it will be great.”

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