Gillian Anderson shares her honest thoughts on brassieres

27th Annual SAG Awards/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

Like the truth, Gillian Anderson is apparently out, there.

The Emmy-winning actress had a unique way of keeping herself preoccupied ahead of Tuesday’s announcement of the 2021 Emmy nominees.  Taking to Instagram live, the Crown actress answered a variety of questions from fans, which led to her sharing her honest thoughts about lingerie — specifically bras.

The lighthearted conversation saw Anderson, 52, explaining that she doesn’t find brassieres very comfortable and would rather go the rest of her life without wearing one ever again.

“I don’t wear a bra anymore. I can’t wear a bra. I’m sorry,” she remarked. “I don’t care if my breasts reach my belly button!”

The actress, who just secured her sixth Emmy nod for her portrayal of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in Netflix’s The Crown, spoke about her experiences filming the critically acclaimed series and discussed the various scenes that stick out most in her mind.

“Probably the most complicated scenes [I filmed] were the audience scenes, just because there was so much dialogue and trying to make them different from each other,” Anderson answered, before teasing that she is sitting on some behind-the-scenes videos of the entire cast goofing off in Scotland when they were filming the second episode. 

The X-Files alum also revealed in her lengthy IG live that her greatest fear is relaxing, that her first concert — that she can recall — was seeing The Eagles when she was 16, and that she prefers gelato over ice cream.  The latter answer made her go off on a nearly five-minute discourse about her love of the frozen dessert.


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