Da Baby leaves Twitter divided over interaction with kids trying to sell him candy

Jackie Dimailig

Da Baby has left Twitter at odds after an interaction between him and two kids selling candy made its rounds on the internet. 

The moment, which was captured on video, shows the “Masterpiece” rapper holding a wad of cash and approaching the two boys, who say they’re selling Skittles and Gushers in exchange for donations. 

“How much for the whole box?” DaBaby asks, to which the young man holding the Skittles box replies, “$200,” despite each unit being only $2 apiece.

He gets the same answer when he asks the other boy how much for his box of Gushers. 

After a laugh, Da Baby does the math. “You made $400 off that and you selling them for $2? Let’s count ’em. What’s 34 times two? It ain’t $200. It ain’t even $100. That’s $68,” he explained, before eventually giving them about $4 for some Gushers. 

Even though the 29-year-old rapper paid full price for the candy, many took issue with the fact that he didn’t give them more. Others defended the rapper, stating that had the boys not been greedy they probably would have received a generous donation. 

“I know y’all did not made [sic] them kids wanting $200 from Da Baby for that candy about integrity. I know y’all didn’t. Not when this generation of rappers flaunts their wealth in the most disgusting ways in front of these same kids who support them,” one Twitter user retorted

Another commented, “I’m like 99.9% sure if those kids would have gave Da Baby regular price candy he would have blessed them.  Nobody likes getting finessed, because now it’s on the floor.”

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