BTS confirms a few rumors, performs “Permission to Dance” for the first time on television

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

BTS gave the first-ever television performance of their latest hit “Permission to Dance” Tuesday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The septet, who were beamed in from their native South Korea, pulled out all the stops for their song’s big debut, as they took over a mall and brought back the flash mob craze.  

RMJinSugaJ-HopeJiminV and Jungkook also chatted with Fallon, in order to dispel or confirm some rumors the late-night host found floating around the internet.

One such rumor centered around the group’s early days, when they were trying to come up with a name for their fanbase, ARMY.  Prior to landing on that name, the group confirmed that they were considering the name Bell because, as RM explained, “When you say ‘bell’ in Korean, it sounds like ‘power.'”

RM noted that the group initially thought it would be cool if fans brought bells to their concerts and started ringing them.  “But, thank God… ARMY is so much better,” RM laughed as the rest of the group jokingly started ringing bells and making a racket.

Jimin was also put on the hot seat, with Fallon asking if it was true he once considered going by the stage name “Baby J.” He confirmed it, but confessed that saying the name in English “sounded really weird.”

V also confirmed the rumor that he didn’t originally try out for BTS, but simply went to the auditions in order to support a friend.  “He failed,” V added of his friend.

Tuesday was part one of the group’s two-night takeover of the late night show.  Tonight, they’ll perform their number-one hit, “Butter.”


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