Tyrese says Rihanna should play his girlfriend & Denzel his daddy in upcoming ‘FF’ sequels

Giles Keyte/Universal Pictures

It’s all about the family, right? Well, Fast & Furious franchise star Tyrese Gibson is taking the film’s tagline to heart by offering his ideas on who should play his character Roman’s real-life “family” in the upcoming FF sequels.

“Roman needs a girlfriend — so I’ve put it out there that Rihanna would be perfect for Roman,” Gibson tells ABC Audio. “She a bad girl, a lot of attitude, a lot of swag…Just seeing her standing next to Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster and Charlize Theron, like… I feel like she would fall right in to the swag and the bad girl energy that’s happening with these other female leads.”

Of course, outside of Rihanna, Gibson says another amazing catch would be getting Oscar-winner Denzel Washington to play his father.

“Denzel Washington would be perfect,” Tyrese says, noting that Washington is also a “fellow Capricorn [and] super intense.”

“[But he] would probably look at this franchise and be like, “‘Nah, I’m cool… I make real movies.'”

However, Gibson assures that he wouldn’t let Washington off that easy without a fight.

“‘Denzel, come on, have a little fun,” he continues. “We got Oscar award winners in this franchise, too. We got the Helen [Mirren]s and Charlize Theron, who’s won an Oscar. And they take their acting very serious[ly] and they’re very intense.’ I think it would be amazing to see a Denzel Washington come in and have a little fun with us.”

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough for FF fans, let’s not forget Matt Damon. He’s family, too.

“But I also have been saying that Matt Damon would be ideal because he’s a part of the Bourne franchise, which is also a Universal Studios movie,” Gibson adds.

Makes perfect sense. 

F9: The Fast Saga is out in theaters.

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