Garth Brooks originally wrote his new single, “That’s What Cowboys Do,” with Midland in mind

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Garth Brooks’ latest single off his Fun album is “That’s What Cowboys Do,” a gentle waltz-time ballad about a cowboy who winds up falling in love during what he thinks is going to be nothing more than a one-night stand.

The song is nothing if not true to the roots of country music, Garth explains during a recent installment of his Inside Studio G Facebook Live Series.

“If you’ve got a local country radio station, this is the most country thing you’re gonna be hearing on it for sure — no offense to any other artist,” the singer says with a grin. In fact, Garth — who penned the song solo, according to Amazon Music credits — originally wrote it hoping that one of the genre’s most traditional modern acts might record it.

“It was written for Midland,” he reveals. “It was written for the boys from Midland. ‘Cause I thought they would kill it. We sat down and wrote something for them, because they do a lot of George Strait-feeling stuff.”

But once Garth finished “That’s What Cowboys Do,” he knew he wanted to record the song. “It ended up feeling so good we just did it ourselves,” he said.

Garth will bring his new single on the road as he launches his next round of Stadium Tour shows. After a pandemic-induced, year-plus hiatus, the Stadium Tour resumed last weekend in Las Vegas. 

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