Demi Lovato says “it’s okay” if you accidentally misgender them

Rich Fury/Getty Images for OBB Media

Demi Lovato is giving others some grace when it comes to learning their new pronouns.

In a message posted to Instagram, Demi writes, “If you misgender me, that’s okay. I accidentally misgender myself sometimes! It’s a huge transition to change the pronouns I’ve used for myself my entire life. And it’s difficult to remember sometimes!”

They continue, “As long as you keep trying to respect my truth, and as long as I remember my truth, the shift will come naturally. I’m just grateful for your effort in trying to remember what means so much to my healing process.”

Demi explains in the caption that they felt the need to post this message “because I often find that the change in pronouns can be confusing for some, and difficult to remember for others.”

The singer says “it’s all about your intention,” adding, “It’s important to me that you try, but if you make a mistake, it’s okay.”

This week marks Non-Binary Awareness Week. Demi came out as non-binary, changing their pronouns to they/them, in May.


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