Deborah Cox says her new music is about “spontaneity and living in the moment”

Ivan Guajardo

Veteran R&B singer Deborah Cox turns 47 today. The Canadian vocalist, who previously sang backup for Celine Dion, says the new music she’s making reflects her spontaneous attitude toward life.

“It’s really just about the spontaneity and living in the moment. I’m very much that kind of person that’s very grounded and very present,” Cox tells ABC Audio. “So a lot of the projects that I choose to do are birthed out of the moment that I’m in.”

Cox’s next moment involves preparing her seventh album, which will feature production assistance from Rico Love and D-Town.

“We were in the studio coming up with ideas for this next project, the seventh album, and that’s literally what I was working on at the time,” Cox explains, noting that the pandemic impacted her motivation to create more R&B classics. 

“But the idea is really to accentuate and get back to my soul roots, the genre of music that got me to do ‘Sentimental‘ and ‘Where Do We Go from Here,’ ‘Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here‘ and ‘We Can’t Be Friends,'” she says. “It’s really to just continue that path.”

Cox admits that she’s “still in the process” of mixing, mastering and recording vocals for the album, reflecting on her new perspective on life. 

“y life has changed dramatically [because of the pandemic]. I’m not able to really connect with people and do live shows and do all the things that were my life before,” she explains. “I’m going to have to be able to express that in this album. So, yeah, we’re not done. We’re just taking a bit of a pause until we can figure out how and when we can get back to finishing up some more.” 

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