Death Cab’s Benjamin Gibbard unites with Tycho for new song, “Only Love”

Credit: Andrew Paynter

Death Cab for Cutie frontman Benjamin Gibbard has united with electronic artist Tycho for a new song called “Only Love.”

“Ben’s voice was a very inspiring element to work with from a production standpoint, I felt it really meshed well with the kinds of sounds and instrumentation I gravitate towards,” Tycho says.

“‘Only Love’ started life as an instrumental, but something was missing,” he explains. “I sent a rough demo to Ben and he recorded some vocals over it. The first time I heard the rough vocals the whole song suddenly made sense and the arrangement flowed out of that.”

You can listen to “Only Love” now via digital outlets.

Notably, “Only Love” marks Gibbard’s first “major electronic collaboration” since The Postal Service.

Death Cab’s most recent album is 2018’s Thank You for Today. In the past year, they’ve released a covers EP, as well as a live album.

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