Deadpool asks to join the MCU as he and Korg review Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi in ‘Free Guy’ trailer


Deadpool and the stone creature Korg — better known, perhaps, as Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi — have teamed up to review the trailer to the actors’ new movie Free Guy

Apart from the fact that both actors do the video review in character, complete with Korg’s CG-body that Waititi voiced and motion-performed in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame, the snippet is especially clever, as Reynolds-as-‘Pool doesn’t hold back snarking on both Disney+ and the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and why Deadpool isn’t in the MCU yet. 

They also poke fun at the plethora of trailer-review YouTubers, and review their alter-egos’ performances, with Deadpool noting that Reynolds has a “punchable” face, and Korg sweetly assessing Waititi’s villain character in Free Guy: “I like him!” 

Deadpool even references criticism of his own sequel when he describes “fridging” — or killing off a female character just to make the male hero suffer. “[It’s] also known as Deadpool 2,” he quips.

Free Guy was a 20th Century Fox film before Disney acquired the studio, hence Deadpool’s review that the trailer looked “fun in a ‘last days of Fox fire sale’ kind of way.”

When the trailer ends, Deadpool asks Marvel movie vet Korg if he “has any tips on joining the MCU.”

Korg gives a rambling answer before recommending to check for an email from your agent.

“Yeah, I prefer Dark World,” Deadpool replies, referring to what’s generally thought as one of the weaker MCU entries — or perhaps because it contained a creature that looks exactly like Korg but who couldn’t speak, and quickly was obliterated by Thor’s hammer.

Free Guy, which also stars Jodie Comer and Lil’ Rel Howery, opens August 13. 

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