Energize Your Mornings With The “RISE UP” Method!

There’s a new way to kick off each day with boundless energy! And it’s as easy as remembering the words RISE UP.

That’s “R” – for Resist the urge to hit the snooze button.

I” – for Increase your physical activity.

S” – for Shower, preferably with a blast of cold water.

E” – for Expose yourself to sunlight.

And the “UP” can refer to listening to UPbeat music, or dialing UP a friend!

The RISE UP method was developed by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine… and it’s proven to cancel out “sleep inertia” – which is that half-asleep, half-awake feeling we associate with morning grogginess.

In fact, even if you just follow that first step – and “Resist the snooze button,” research shows you’ll have LESS sleep inertia… Because every time you hit “snooze,” you actually trick your body into wanting more sleep, which prolongs your grogginess!

Then: exercise… blasting yourself with cold water… and exposing yourself to sunlight – are all proven ways to improve circulation and alertness.

And if you throw in some upbeat music, researchers say that’ll trigger feelings of wakefulness far more effectively than listening to the news, or eating breakfast in silence!

Also: If you have a chance to call a friend, that activates the communication centers of your brain, preparing you to be productive.

The upshot? Wake up every day and RISE UP!