Activities To Improve Your Relationship

It’s time to make your relationship better with advice from psychology professor Dr. Gary Lewandowski

He says, for a stronger and more satisfying relationship, couples should engage in “self-expanding activities” together. Dr. Lewandowski describes self-expanding activities as those that help broaden your knowledge and experience.

Basically, doing new things helps us grow as individuals. And studies show that we’re more satisfied with relationships that contribute to our growth. But after a while, couples get stuck in ruts. And that may lead people to seek expansion outside the relationship – as in, having an affair.

But if couples continue to learn new things TOGETHER, that self-expansion drive is satisfied… and the result is a more satisfying relationship. And all it takes is going on a new hike together, trying new recipes together, learning a new hobby together, or even reading the same new book.

Those are self-expanding activities – and when you do them with your partner, it brings you closer together.