Dogs and trucks and “We Didn’t Have Much”: Justin Moore’s early years were “a country song”

Cody Villalobos

Even though Justin Moore didn’t write his nostalgic hit, “We Didn’t Have Much,” it’s still very much representative of the way he grew up in Arkansas, where he still lives today. 

“This sounds like a country song,” he explains, “but we were a family that really did eat dinner together every night. And I was outside ’til dark, I never came in and played with an iPod or anything like that, like my kids do.”

“So that’s something we’re trying to impress upon our own kids as well,” the father of four adds. “And so I think this song kind of wraps all that stuff into one.”

Even though Justin’s hit longs for the good ole days, he admits some of the song’s scenarios still hold true.

“The one line in it that always just kind of makes me chuckle,” he tells ABC Audio, “because it really did happen — and to this day, even my dogs it does happen — is ‘dog barking in the yard at a truck he don’t know.'”

“I mean, that really happens,” he continues. “They know whose truck is okay and who’s ain’t… There’s a lot of those moments in the song that kind of make me smile.”  

“We Didn’t Have Much” is the lead single from Justin’s latest collection, Straight Outta the Country, which also includes an acoustic version of his hit.

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