Catch a glimpse of Megadeth’s new bassist, who will be revealed “soon”

Mike Lewis Photography/Redferns

The identity of Megadeth‘s new bass player will be revealed “soon,” according to frontman Dave Mustaine.

In a new Cameo video for a fan, which was posted on Reddit, Mustaine shared the briefest of views of the mystery bassist, who can be seen lying on the floor of a recording studio, with a chair blocking his face and identity.

“We will be saying who that is soon,” Mustaine comments in the video.

“You actually saw him before anybody else,” he adds, referring to the Cameo recipient. “Even though you can’t really see him.”

The new bassist will be taking the place of founding member David Ellefson, who was dismissed from Megadeth in May after sexually explicit video of him interacting with a woman leaked online. Ellefson has characterized the video as “private, adult interactions,” and is pursing revenge porn charges against those that leaked the footage.

Following Ellefson’s firing, Mustaine said that the bass parts he had recorded for Megadeth’s new album would be replaced by someone new. Presumably the new bassist will also be playing with Megadeth on their upcoming Metal Tour of the Year alongside Lamb of God, Trivium and In Flames.

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