Bill Cosby reportedly considering lawsuit against Pennsylvania for prison sentence

Matt Rourke-Pool/Getty Images

After his 2018 conviction on sexual assault charges was overturned by Pennsylvania’s highest court, Bill Cosby is reportedly thinking about suing the state of Pennsylvania.

Cosby was sentenced in September 2018 for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand in 2004. 

The comedian’s publicist Andrew Wyatt says the state violated Cosby’s due process rights.

Speaking to the Domenick Nati Show Friday, Wyatt explained, “We are looking at what recourse, what legal recourse we can take against the state of Pennsylvania” and added that he believes the state has “an axe to grind against black men.”

Wyatt stated Cosby is hoping to obtain “a couple of hundred grand” in compensation.

On Sunday, Montgomery County PA District Attorney Kevin Steele issued a statement regarding misinformation stemming from the overturned sentence.  The statement was made after state Supreme Court Chief Justice Max Baer called Cosby’s trial a “reprehensible bait and switch” by the prosecution, in reference to a claim made by Cosby’s legal team that Montgomery County prosecutor Bruce Castor promised not to criminally prosecute Cosby in the Constand case.

The statement, obtained by ABC News, said, “To be very clear, prosecutors in this case did not believe there was an agreement not to prosecute or immunity for the defendant at the time we moved forward on the case, and we do not believe it now. If we had believed there was an agreement or immunity, we would not have moved forward in our attempt to bring Cosby to justice.”

“Among a litany of reasons, a promise never to prosecute was not mentioned by Bruce Castor when he issued his press release saying he was declining prosecution,” Steele continued. “Despite the extensive investigation we conducted, we found no credible evidence that Castor had given Cosby immunity.”

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