Chance the Rapper invites fans into his ‘Mad Coloring World’

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The trailer for Chance the Rapper’s concert film, Mad Coloring World, arrives later today. It features footage from the Chicago-native’s 2016 Magnificent Coloring World Tour, including new footage, which was filmed at his House of Kicks production house.

“It’s a house that I use for my office space. It’s a lot of things, kind of like a literal…film house or production house where we produce events and produce commercials out of an office space,” Chance tells ABC Audio. “And that’s also kind of like a movie set because we shoot a lot of our promos, performances, commercials and things like that out of there.”

Chance says Mad Coloring World is “aesthetically connected” to his popular Coloring World mixtape, though some footage was filmed in 2017.

“I just didn’t release it because I didn’t really know…a lot about film or editing or just the back-end of distributing a movie,” he explains. “In this time during the pandemic, when I started to learn more stuff about how to put together a movie and how to release a piece and direction and mainly editing.”

“I was like, let’s try and track down all the files from that day and the set up of the concert and some new interviews and kind of make this movie out of this house,” Chance adds.

House of Kicks is also where Chance filmed the launch video for Starbucks’ Made-Ready campaign, inspired by the coffee company’s bottled and canned drinks. To celebrate, Chance kicked off a viral #MadeReadyDuet challenge, in partnership with Starbucks, inviting fans to duet with him to share their Made-Ready moment until July 11th. Three selected winners will receive a bottomless mini-fridge with one year supply of Starbucks drinks and a personalized shout-out from Chance.

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