Maren Morris stands up against claims that she “deserves to be sexualized”

Maren Morris didn’t take kindly to a so-called fan saying she deserves to be sexualized because of the clothing she wears.

In a fiery exchange on Twitter Wednesday, the “My Church” singer responded directly to a follower who took offense to the silver wrap-around crop top Maren wore for her promotional tour photo.  

“When you dress like that, you’re definitely inviting people to look at you in a sexual way,” the critic allegedly wrote, according to screen shots that have since been set to private. “Don’t complain about being sexualized when you sexualize yourself.”

The user also called Morris’ outfit “disgusting” and remarked, “Imagine if Luke Bryan tried to use sex appeal to win awards by posing with his shirt half off.”

Maren referenced the negative comments when she tweeted her tongue-in-cheek response, which reads, “Daniel’s really gonna hate it when he finds out I did Playboy.”  Morris, 31, even included snaps from her 2019 Playboy photoshoot, which depicted her posing for tastefully done half-naked portraits.  She also linked to the poster’s account, which as of Thursday morning had apparently been deleted.

The country singer later spoke out about the exchange when another user, who also deleted their tweets, appeared to defend her critic.

“He publicly put this sexist garbage online and [directly tagged] me,” Morris remarked in response. “Also, ‘not liking someone’s clothing’ is one thing. Saying I deserve to be sexualized for a *pretty tame* outfit is just a hop, skip to ‘don’t dress like a slut and you won’t get creeped on.'”

“The Bones” singer later retweeted one of her old posts that supported women being able to wear “whatever… they want.” 

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