Ed Sheeran’s in the hot seat on latest episode of ‘Hot Ones’

Courtesy of First We Feast

Can Ed Sheeran take the heat? The singer appears on the latest episode of First We Feast’s popular web series, Hot Ones, where he chows down on progressively spicier wings as he answers questions from host Sean Evans.

During the interview, Ed recounts his unique path to fame. He says at 17, he was playing acoustic shows around London without much success, but things changed when he played a poetry show in Los Angeles.

“I was British, the only white guy in the room, with a guitar, with like crazy hair and I was like, ‘F***, I don’t think today’s gonna go well,'” he recalls. “I stood up on stage and I played the songs and it was the best reaction I got from any show.”

He continues, “So from there, when I got back to England I was like, I’m not gonna do any more acoustic nights. I’m gonna do comedy nights, I’m gonna do rap nights, I’m gonna do jazz nights…And within a year, it like kicked off.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ed answers some questions from frequent collaborator Benny Blanco, discusses working with Eminem and 50 Cent and talks about the time he brought his pal Courteney Cox to his local Tesco supermarket.

In the end, he makes it through the hot wings lineup — but not without the help of some water and almond milk.

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