Iliza Shlesinger explains why it’s important to support dive bars through the #KeepTheDiveAlive campaign

ABC/Rick Rowell

Today is National Dive Bar Day and comedian Iliza Shlesinger is doing her part to ensure those small businesses aren’t left behind during the post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

The Good on Paper star spoke to ABC Audio about her partnership with Seagram’s 7 Crown American Blended Whiskey, which rolled out its annual #KeepTheDiveAlive campaign.

“This was a very cool way to give back and do something meaningful,” she said.

#KeepTheDiveAlive aims to protect dive bars — especially those impacted by the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. To assist in recovery efforts, Shlesinger starred in a series of hilarious videos that provide “training materials” to former regulars who may be out of practice after a year of Zoom meetings. The tongue-in-cheek videos show Iliza demonstrating the do’s and don’ts of dive bar etiquette, such as how to properly order a drinkwhat to wear and, overall, how to be a supportive patron.

Shlesinger says sharing those videos and utilizing the #KeepTheDiveAlive hashtag on social media will help support those businesses.  “Every time people share the content we created for their hashtag #KeepTheDriveAlive campaign, Seagram’s donates $7 dollars to [the Main Street Alliance] nonprofit that helps local businesses, some of which are dive bars,” she explains.

The Spenser Confidential star says not only did dive bars help her career by giving her places to hone her craft, but reveals she also used to work at one before her big break. 

“These are part of the fabric of our local economies. These are not mom and pop businesses, but independent businesses that we all have a connection to in one way or another,” says Shlesinger. 

The campaign runs through July 24.


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