Lady A has lots to celebrate as they kick off Fourth of July weekend

Big Machine

Lady A sets the Fourth of July holiday weekend in motion today, playing Good Morning America‘s Summer Concert Series on ABC. 

From there, well, they’ve got some serious celebrating to do.

“It’s America’s birthday, and then the next day is Dave [Haywood]’s birthday,” Hillary Scott explains. “And it’s actually the anniversary of my engagement to [my husband,] Chris. The second was the day that we got engaged… And then your anniversary is the…”

“Sixth,” Charles Kelley interjects.

For all those reasons, you’ll usually find Lady A kicking back like lots of Americans around the Fourth.

“We always take that week off,” Dave points out. “I’ll be with my wife’s family in Alabama at the beach…just kind of enjoying outdoor cookouts.”

The three agree: Nothing sets up the Independence Day mood quite like the country standard “God Bless the USA.”

“It’s a great celebration and a reminder of this great country we get to live in,” Charles says of the holiday. “And every time I think the Fourth of July, all I can think of is Lee Greenwood. I don’t know why.”

He continues, “I’m proud to be American. It’s like always, like, right when you say it, I smell barbecue and I’m hearing Lee Greenwood over and over and over.”

Adds Hillary, “Yeah. And fireworks.”

Lady A’s new collection, What a Song Can Do (Chapter One), features their top-25 hit “Like a Lady.”


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